Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Chance...

Have you ever smelled blood? Have you ever heard the pleas for help from a man that had less than half his face still recognizable? How about sat by as your friend cried for his mother at age 19 knowing he was never going to get to say "I love you" again to her? I haven't. I bet most of us haven't. But I bet a lot of Veterans have.

Most 18 year olds are out partying and getting drunk after highschool. A select few are answering a call of their nation. A select few 18 year olds are sacrificing their last few years as kids to be adults. What does it mean to be an adult. It means facing the pain and suffering of life knowing you can make it better for someone else.

I'm watching all the media about the Anti-War protests and everyone getting upset at the Governement for ot hearing their cries. What happens with that frustration when the Government ignores their cries? Who will recieve the brunt of that anger? Who will suffer the anger of those that sleep in their beds at night and have never seen a gallon of blood soaking into the dirt; blood that once made their friends warm and loving. People that don't have what it takes to ask their neighbors to mow their grass. People that will eat a cold dinner to avoid conflict at a restaraunt.

What's my point huh? I don't remember it but I bet my Dad does; what about all the "Baby Killers of Vietnam"? What about the mis-treatment of young adults that went past young adult to the kind of adult that has seen more than anyone ever deserves to see? What about the childhood that was drenched in blood and deafened by the screams of their friends and fellow soldiers? Where were the protestors while that was happening? Where were all the hateful people that felt since the Governement didn't feel guilty they'd attack the Heroes that returned home to hate. Hadn't they seen enough of it already? Hadn't they seen everything a person should never see in their life?

I'm afraid the Heroes of today are going to return to frustrated civilians with nowhere to place they're hate, but on the Men and Women that sacrificed thriving pieces of their lives to fight for the people the protestors put in power.

I'm afraid America will once again forget what it's done and blame everyone but themselves. The voters laid this foundation and now there is no way to turn away from this trainwreck of conflicts.

You want to protest? Protest your half thought ideas. Protest the spineless America that foresakes their Heroes even after they call them forth. Protest the pathetic ideas of people that just want to be behind a cause with no understanding of what they're behind. Protest yourselves everyday for being so weak and fickle. When the mob wants the fight they squeal with pleasure like hedonists beasts; when the mob wants it to stop they cry like spoiled children.

I protest the America that gave up on the people that made America what it was. I protest your weak hearts and stomachs. I protest your spineless cries for forgiveness over beginning something you have no stomach to finish. I protest you America. You are weak and pathetic. You stand behind your laws and your civil liberties to shield yourselves from the realities of life.

You voted; you started this war; you kept it going. It's your fault not our Soldiers. Their blood spills in a foriegn country while yours boils at your pathetic designs. Their blood streams for their dedication while yours thickens and stops for your lack of dedication.

American people today are not even a shadow of what they once were. We're some softened pathetic bunch of mobsters that want a masacare but don't want to deal with the clean up or the long term consequences.

I stand behind our Soldiers, our Government, and I'll do anything and everything I can, forever more, to help those that served and those that gave for the fickle weak mob. The Soldiers deserve our Nation while you Amercians deserve the scraps. You have called these Men and Women to arms. You pay the consequences for once. You America! You pay the price for the pain you cause your own children. You pay for the price of the blood you asked for.

Protesting now doesn't change your guilt; it only amplifies it. You can't even bear the responsibility of you own choices. Now you have me to blame. Now you have everyone else to blame but yourself.

My tears fall for the Soldiers that have fallen. My heart breaks for the mother that can't tell her son she loves him. For you America, these Men and Women sacrifice themselves. For you America I pray; I pray these soldiers never treat you like you treat them. I pray you never have to taste what it is you force feed down everyones throats. I hope you never have to smell your own blood as it pours from your body. I pray you never have to hear your friends last breath. Finally I pray the blackness of your drying blood is not the last thing you see; I pray you see the face of a Man or Woman coming to your aid, coming to support you when you need it most.

Our Soldiers are tired and worn out and they need our support more now than ever. You've given up America, your Soldiers haven't. They'll never give up on you; do you want to give up on them?

God Bless Our Soldiers. God Bless our Men and Women. God Bless America.

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