Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Congressional Twilight Zone

Iraq. Dem. "Pull out by End of March 2008" Rep. "Fuck you we want war!" American Public "Just bring our sons, daughters, moms and dads home safe."

Has anyone heard anything anyone else has said yet? It's not a war but everyone keeps acting like it is. If it is, pay our soldiers like they deserve for risking their lives for yours. Quit wasting tax payer money on stupid arguments and fix the problem. Give our soldiers what they deserve instead of asking for billions of dollars for everything but them.

I'm all for the pull out idea. We can't fix Iraq. It's broken. They hate each other and us. Would you want the guy you hate helping you fix your problems? Fuck no. Would you even want him in the room to overhear it? Fuck no.

I have a question I'd like answered. Why didn't they leave Saddam alive to convict him of everything he's done? I mean the guy lost everything he had in a very violent manner; at least let him know along with his glorious reign he's going to die with the world record of War Crime convictions.

I'm sure Paris and Britney don't agree with whats happening.

Our Armed Forces are over there slaving in ways most people will never understand. Why don't we start arguing that they deserve more than they get? Why don't we start treating them like they hold our National well being in their hands?

Fuck Congress and their bureaucratized bull shit. Argue for something other than hearing your own voice. Argue for the rights and benefits of people making the sacrifice. Get off your padded asses and make a real change that matters. Take care of our soldiers. They're the ones that gave you the right to belch out your thoughts on whether or not dog owners should have to clean pooh off the ground at the park. Congress...The dumbest smart people making decisions for people they don't understand.

Fuck em.

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