Wednesday, March 14, 2007

To the Pretenders in the Professional World...

FUCK YOU!!! You pieces of shit hiding behind those of us that know what to do and how to do it. We see you and we'll burn you sooner or later. You should give up now and glue your fingers together and get a fucking job at McDonalds. You're useless and you screw everything up for those of us that know our jobs.

Pretender Mantra: You want fries with that?

You keep hiding behind my work and I'll put you somewhere you don't want to be, answering questions about how it was done. You fucking weasels! If your going to steal my ideas and hard work let me fuck your mustachioed wife or mother while your at it, you slimy maggots.

We know who you are and you have no respect from us, the people that know our jobs. We'll hunt you down like the rats you are. Hide behind your dads war buddy, hide behind your mothers johns, keep hiding behind your little butt buddy that sounds oddly like the ladies man; we know you're there and we're coming for you. When we come it will be like a Jihad on your ass, only it will be a Brihad. Brihad will be hell for the fakers of the world. You fucking scum sucking spineless worms!!

Gonna get ya, gonna get ya.

Fucking scumbags. You know who you are. We're coming. The Firm is coming. We'll eat your heart and dance on your rotting corpse. We'll celebrate the falling of the tower over the grave of your career.

Your time is up.

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