Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Shoved Down My Throat Like a Prison Dick. Vol 1

Aren't you tired of all the bull shit in the news? Lets talk about all the gay stuff in the news. If a dude wants to pump ass that's up to him; if a chick wants to munch rug I want the video. I could give a fuck less if they are getting married or joining the military. Fags can be just as rough and tumble as any red blooded, womans ass loving male. It's not like they're Ted Kennedy running around sticking their willies in everything; and if females want to do what they want to do, let them, but there should be a video camera around. Let me caveat that by saying.."So long as it's a Anne Heche dyke and not a Rosie O'Donnell dyke, BLEH!!!"

Are we a country of whiners like Iran? or do we have a spine and not give a shit so long as we get to fight, drink and fuck. That's what America is about. It's about beer, woman, and secret sexual perversions. You can buy sex anywhere just don't let anyone know about it. So the next time you're next to your youth church pastor, while reviewing "Anal intruders of the 3rd Kind Volume 72" Look at him and say "We're American!! Damnit!! Do you have a kleenex?"

Fuck you puritan prudes out there. Fuck you in the ass!!!

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