Thursday, March 15, 2007

Have you ever...

Have you ever tried to help someone do something easier or better and they shot you down on the premise they know more? Or you wanted to help them even though it created a bit more work for you initially?

I had a guy in computer school that couldn't make a cable. The guy had breath that would knock a buzzard off a shit wagon yet I was polite and tried to help the fuck. I spent ten minutes trying to get him to understand and he had the audacity to tell me I was wrong. YOU FUCK!! I just wasted my time, which I had because I could do mine, and you tell me I'm wrong? Crawl back in your gene pool and find the ones you lost. While you're fucking at it brush your fucking teeth with something other than cheddar cheese.

Today I had some job protecting fuck quote a policy to me and directed me if I had questions to call him. I have no problem with getting help, but I had read the policy and had to take my valuable time to quote back to him the passages that I was referencing and that he now had one less day to get what I needed before I recommended he be shut down. Howdy fuckin doo!!

Do people really think you just make shit up conspicuously close to something? or do they think you can't possibly know what you're talking about because your mom didn't fuck a General? I mean seriously what are the chances of a guy nailing you with a policy and not know what he's talking about if he describes what he needs in a 5 paragraph message. It'd be one thing if I only spoke Swahili but I fucking speak English the fucking American kind!!!

Fuck em.

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