Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Emails not to recieve at work

At least I didn't actually have it sent to Moms account; that would have been a little embarrassing. Rest assured the order was received safely.

Email as follows:
Thats OK we're all about customer service. We're pleased that you received your order and we'd like to extend a special holiday offer to you. Our world famous "LOVE FUZZ BUTT PLUG" is on sale this week for 49.95. This wonderful anal intruder will give you hours of pleasure and features our patented squirt of love...The liquid kind. Millions of anally adventurous Americans find our Anal intruder to be one of the best and most fulfilling. Because, lets face it...If you can make a rubber dick in your ass happy, you can please anything.

Again thank you for your order of

#2341756- 29.95 Love Slave Cockring with chain
#765849- 4.95 1oz. Love Lube
#3750023- 350.00 "Annie Annie Give me your ass" doll
#217645- 99.00 Leather pleasure swing w/hanging brackets
#647582- 200.00 The "Corpse Bride" Sex doll...DEAD Sexy
#234179- 25.45 24oz. "She's only been dead an hour" Blue body paint
#234885- 4.00 25 Blank Morgue Toe Tags
#44756- 1,976.50 Your Aunt Fanny's Fanny w/ realistic moles
#66698- 325.95 "Nun of your business" Sex doll prostitute
#66691- 2,567.00 "Scream it from the mountaintop" Catholic alter boy doll
#66685- 40.00 Alter candles of pain
#66666- 5,000.95 Tempurpedic Coffin of Sexual pleasure

We look forward to serving your future orders and we hope you enjoy
your newest adventures.
Buh Bye.

Nasheesh Sanjahar

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Tiny Buddha said...

This one is dedicated to my Chisel. Whom is a world away.

Whose eyes will I compare to the sun,
Now that mine Chisel is gone.
Not that I did compare,
But I do now that Chisel is gone.