Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Shoved Down My Throat Like a Prison Dick Vol. 2

This is serious...Millions of teens have lost wood faster than a bulimic beaver.

Britney Spears. What the fuck happened to her? She was hot now she's not. Everyone is so concerned over her well being. She's in the news; Hell she even made my blog and thats prestigious. But honestly fuck her. The simple truth is trailer parks push people like her out everyday. Nobody writes about Eloise Tanner of Evergreen Acres South Carolina and her heroine addiction. Nobody writes that her ex-husband Bobby Rae Tanner was whoring around with Suzie Lee Baker and Tammy Lynn Whitlock. Nobody cares about her 18 month old son and whats going to happen to him. So why do we care about Britney Spears? Fuck her and Fuck Eloise Tanner of Evergreen Acres South Carolina. They're losers and drains on society. Fuck them if they can't control themselves. Life is hard get your head out of your ass and or fucking kill yourself. Save the fucking front page for news not trash. Poor Britney hates rehab. She feels slighted by her family. Fuck if I was related to her I'd want the money whore working again too...CHA CHING CHA CHING Bitches!!! If I already had enough money from her..fuck her get out of rehab and get high, just make sure I get a nice portion of the estate when you kick it. I wouldn't want to struggle after I forgot about your useless ass. I'm sure a million years from now churches will be ringing out in song.."Oopps I did it again". Fuck that. If you're starving for that kind of news get off my page.

Paris Hilton. Who cares. Daddy made the money not her. She's a high class whore. I'd rather suck rancid tuna salad out a yaks ass than hear anything more about this dumpster. Quit filling my news pages with stories about sexual fluid transmittal with dumpsters. I don't care. She's not even hot she's just rich and tasteless. Again nobody cares about Karen Anne Fisher of Shady Oaks Trailer Park in Pennsylvania. She's just the trailer park dumpster and her door is always open. She's the hardest working welfare recipient in the state...I think she has a plaque in her trailer waiting room.

In conclusion, my senses are offended by the high-class whore stories I see in the news. If I want trailer park smut I'll go hit Jimmy Joe's bar of Ecstasy and Gentlemanly Friendly Nude Dancing and Arcade on Route 22. I don't want to read about it for free in my daily news. The only thing I'm missing when I read stories like that are the smells of cigarette smoke and bleach. Fuck em.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure that the elder hilton is spinning in his grave, knowing that his little girl is getting in the ass what he gave to millions when he was alive.

Millions of screwings.