Saturday, April 28, 2007

Vatican calls God for an Exemption to Policy..WTF?!

Good news for babies that are aborted from here on out. No Limbo for you!! Straight to Heaven you ill-concieved little bastards!! Thats right the Pope personally called God and and asked that the exception be made.

What does this mean for you, you ask? You're still going to Hell but that baby you made during your binge drinking vacation to Vegas will be on it's way to Heaven, should you decide to have it vaccu-sucked from the cold hard womb of your loved one.

I am to understand that all previously aborted babies and children that didn't get baptized before they died will still remain in Limbo. One Vatican source says "Limbo is a nice place, they have good times." Good times.

For years unbaptized children that died before they could get baptized ended up in Limbo because they were born of sin but not enough sin to go to Hell. I personally believe they only went to Limbo because they weren't allowed to say "Hell".

Limbo...Dante said Limbo was the outer circle of Hell. The Vatican says it a nice place. Does this mean that eveything we've learned about hell is incorrect? Could Hell be the party place? Can we continue fornicating and reveling in our sin in the "New" Hell? What does Heaven hold in store for us? Is Heaven a 24 hour adult video store with cheap hookers or is it a mauntery filled with all the rigid bitches we had to deal with on Earth?

This just goes to show that with enough pressure the Vatican can change anything they want for anything they deem necessary. Undisclosed sources indicate that Charles Manson has personally contacted to the Pope to have policy reviewed in his case.

Believe this blogger will stay on top of this issue and continue to delve into the details.

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