Saturday, February 2, 2013

Well I'll be damned...I'm still alive...That means it's tax time.

Fuck you America.  The fucking devaluation of being an individual that's strong and intelligent has become a priority for you.  You aren't working harder to get ahead, you're working harder to bring everyone back and hold them there so you can suck them dry, like the whores you are.

What the fuck happened?  Remember the days when people fucking cared about getting out and doing a good job and taking pride in their hard work?  Didn't think so.  That's because it's nearly dead.  Government handouts and popular opinion are fucking killing the soul of America.  When bitching becomes a marketable skill there's a fucking problem.  A country full of pussies is a country full of potential slaves, no offense Africa.  I for one, am hoping the Chinese use me to serve tea or something. Thanks to all of you other fucks, I should have the right when we're owned by someone else to pick my job since I've been working while you sit on your asses and hand my hard work away or shove it down your fucking throat as a 7th generation welfare recipient.  I will beg the Chinese government to let me dismember your soft useless bodies for sport and their entertainment.  You will be fodder for the glorious nation of China.

I think everyone that worked their asses off should get the easy jobs when we become an annex of China.  All you lazy piece of shit good for nothing, cock holstering (TM), douche bag thieves should get the shitty jobs.  When the fucking flag falls, because you gave it away, I will be at your fucking door with an axe.  I will bury it in your worthless head.  I will then go next door and proceed with your neighbor.  I will not be the only angry person that knows where to look to find you.  We will slaughter you sheep and the streets will run red with your blood.  You can finally give back to the country you ruined, by being used as fertilizer.  Fuck you.

Oh...Why an axe? you gurgle through your mutilated face.  Because my guns will have been taken away from me and friends because you want the nation to be nothing but a bunch of spineless pussies like you.  You should be scared. The dregs of society will be fertilizer before long.

There will never be a race war, a class war; those are myths.  It will be a war between the people that want to keep the country great and the people that would give it away for a new pair of shoes.  That's the next civil war.  People of all creeds will band together to keep what they worked so hard to build and then watched it given away by you.

The United States of China.  Presented to you by all the worthless cock holsterin' (TM) ass clowns of America.

Fuck em.

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